Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking to China, Day 10

I am walking to China! Well, I am not REALLY walking all the way to China, because that would be a lot of swimming. It is exactly 6,847 miles to the Great Wall of China. Well, it is exactly 6,847 miles to the little part of the wall where I will complete my journey. You see, it 2 months (at least, I think it is 2 months. Mom says it will be close to that) we are traveling to China to get my little sister, Emma. I am so excited, because I have been waiting for 5 years! That is a long time and most of my life, actually.

So, we decided to finish our long journey to China by walking, running, dancing, skipping, swimming and wiggling 6,847 miles before the day we land in China. That is a lot of miles. I wiggle, dance, skip and run a lot, but not that much. I need help! I am calling on all my friends and family to help us walk the nearly 7,000 miles to China. I know we can do it if we get enough help. Do you know why we are doing it? Well, there a lot of reasons. First of all, I am studying geography and by making this trek to China, I am learning about places all along the way. Next, I wanted my own blog and Mom said I could have one if I wrote in complete sentences ALL TIME. That takes a lot of work, by the way. So, this is my first blog. But more importantly, this is a really good way for me and my family to get great exercise and get fit before we head for China. It is also a really good way for our friends and family to get their exercise. And most of all, I can't wait to tell my sister that all my friends and family helped us walk our way to her. I think it will make for a really fun story. Plus, Mom says I can make up great adventurous tales each day. You can come and read about all my adventurous stories here and you can see how many miles we all walked together to get to Emma.

If you want to help me make my journey, here is what you need to do:
1. Make a commitment. That means you need to set a goal and tell me you are going to help and how much you think you can do each week.
2. You become a follower and click on that follower button on the right of this....Do you see it? Keep looking. Your other right. See it?
3. Then, each day, you visit my blog and comment on how many miles you walked today. If you are from Canada (I have a lot of friends from there) you can write it in kilometers because Mom says that is good math practice for me to convert into miles...ughhh). Then, I use my adding skills and add it all up. I will mark it on my map and tell you how we make it each day.

I am really excited. Yesterday, I walked so much my mom had to carry me for the last block. But, that is because I had to wait for an hour for my dumplings and it was after my bedtime. I walked 3.8 miles yesterday!!!!! That is a lot. I know. My feet hurt.

Okay, this time, my mom helped me write this blog entry. I asked her if they all have to be this long. She said no. Whew. I can't type that fast.

Okay, Mom said to make a last call. It is supposed to get everybody inspired. Well, I can't think of anything else to say, except, PLEASE HELP ME WALK, JUMP, DANCE, SKIP, RUN, WIGGLE, SHAKE AND RUN TO CHINA!!!!

(You can leave a comment below if you are going to join us on our journey.)


Carrie said...

great idea Gracie! Once I'm off bed rest, I'll let you know what I can do to help :)


roseage said...

i walked from 34th street to 23rd and back 4 times! said...

This is wonderful Gracie. Emma, Anna, Ella, and I promise to walk a little extra for your little sister each day. We all love you SO much! XOXO

fernanda said...

Hi Gracie!! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I knew you when you and your family were in Grenada! This is such a wonderful and encouraging idea Gracie! I'll let you know how much I walk each day.

Yomaris said...

What a great idea! I'm going to do my best to log in the miles I walked daily. I walk at least 1 mile daily to and from the subway, and then some. I can't wait to mee your little sister, and I would love to help you accrue mileage.

gallego said...

10 miles this week

Fernanda said...

2 miles yesterday. =)

Laura said...

I walked from Court and Schermerhorn street to 4rth ave and Pacific in Brooklyn. I also walked from 6th ave and 16th st. to 18th st. and 5th ave in Manhattan. Then from there down to 12th st. and 5th ave. How many miles is this?


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