Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 16: A LOT of Riding in the Car...And A LOT of Walking

Hi Friends!

I had a lot of riding in the car today. We were in North Carolina because my mom had to speak. I wish I could count all the miles of driving because that was a lot of driving. I am really excited because I have a lot of people who are helping us walk. I am still counting up all the miles but it almost 100 so far I think. Mom says that isn't a lot. Sounds like a lot.

So, here is my neighborhood in Brooklyn. We are walking to all my classes instead of taking the public transportation. That is a lot of exercise! And it is also good because the subway is smelly.
I don't like the smelly subway very much.

I had my last Mandarin class, so I walked all the way there last week and then Mom and I walked the long way back in a criss cross way so that we could make more miles. She promised me new shoes because I am walking sooooo much. We went to a new restaurant in Park Slope. It is a dumpling restaurant and we picked up a bag of dumpling and then yogurt and walked another mile home! It was a lot walking and mom carried me for the last mile.

I think with all the walking, we could be to Canada by now. I am making a pretty map to show everyone our route to the Great Wall of China. I decided to go through Canada and the North Pole. I can't tell you the rest until tomorrow, because it is top secret...until tomorrow!

Please tell me how many miles you walked!

Happy Hugs,



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