Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 23: I Made it to Canada!

Hi Friends!

This is Gracie! I made it to Canada! We walked a lot this weekend. We walked, ran, jumped and rowed our canoe. And after 311 miles, I made it to Canada! I am still writing about my first adventurous leg of the trip. I don't understand that word. That is what my mom is calling it. Leg. She said it is fancy for part. I like fancy. It takes a while for me to type so I will tell you my adventure tomorrow!

Also, guess what!!!!!

I get to see my sister's picture TOMORROW!!!! I am getting up really early to be ready for when Mom's phone rings and they give us our picture.

Thank you for helping make it to China!

More miles walked, skipped, danced, run, rowed, wiggled...
Daniel: 20 miles
MDG (Mom,Dad,Gracie): 26 miles
Lina: 6 miles
Tony: 5 miles
Gramsy: 2 miles
Aimee: 10 miles


gallego said...

21 more miles through today, June 9

gallego said...

34 miles


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