Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Return of Gracie (and Emma, too)

Day 1
when I came back to America Beth (my mom's friend),and Rosean(my mom's other friend)  came with Gramsy (my grandma) to greet me,my dad, my mom,and Emma (my baby sister) that we adopted in China.They were so glad to see us at the airport.When I saw them I ran to give hugs to everyone.At the house we sighed and said, "What a long journey we had to China and get Emma but it was so worth it".That night I got to sleep with my Gramsy and she told me stories about her, and her mother.

Day 2
The next day we were all smooching on Emma and it made her laugh a lot.That day we went to buy Emma some diapers,clothes and maybe some toys and yes we did buy her some toys that made her laugh.

Day 3

We surprised my other Grandpa and Nana at their hotel and they were very surprised!!!
The next stop was our home at last "New York" everyone said Emma was adorable and she still is of  corse.

Because I am skipping all the days between then and now is because I want to get to the best part.
Before I get there I need to tell this.When Emma was in the orphanage no one picked her up and loved on her so she is handicaped.

 Now the best part
she now can crawl,talk a little,and eat.I forgot to tell something. She coudn't eat anything except bottles that the nannies gave her. Mostly I helped my loved sister.

                                                note to my little sister

I hope I see you grow up, get a boyfriend if you can get pass me,have a family and I hope one day you will have a child and the Lord be with you all your life.

                                                   Love big sissy


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