Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 23: I Made it to Canada!

Hi Friends!

This is Gracie! I made it to Canada! We walked a lot this weekend. We walked, ran, jumped and rowed our canoe. And after 311 miles, I made it to Canada! I am still writing about my first adventurous leg of the trip. I don't understand that word. That is what my mom is calling it. Leg. She said it is fancy for part. I like fancy. It takes a while for me to type so I will tell you my adventure tomorrow!

Also, guess what!!!!!

I get to see my sister's picture TOMORROW!!!! I am getting up really early to be ready for when Mom's phone rings and they give us our picture.

Thank you for helping make it to China!

More miles walked, skipped, danced, run, rowed, wiggled...
Daniel: 20 miles
MDG (Mom,Dad,Gracie): 26 miles
Lina: 6 miles
Tony: 5 miles
Gramsy: 2 miles
Aimee: 10 miles
Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 18: Over 200 Miles!

Hi Friends!

We have a lot of miles! We are over 200 miles and heading North toward Canada. I wanted to take a fun and short way to Great Wall of China. That means, we are going on an adventure right through Canada, Greenland and the North Pole and into Russia! It is going to be fun! But, I need a lot more help. We have almost 300 miles. I am a little behind. I wanted to get 500 miles by the weekend. I think I am going to need a lot more help, because I can't walk that many all by myself by tomorrow! Have you walked or ran or jumped or danced miles this week? Can you post a comment here and tell me? I will add them. Mom is making me add all the miles. It is kind of good for my math skills.

Okay, here are all my friends who are helping me walk to China.

Gracie, Mom, & Dad: 100
Melanie: 5.8
Fernanda: 2
Ms. Gallego (Lego my eggo?):10
Jo: 10
Burt & Lina: 96
Grandpa & Nana: 2
Auntie Rose: 10 +
Auntie's Matt:
Brian Metts:

Total So Far: 240 miles. I think. I have to check with Matt 2.

Did I forget you? Please tell me and leave me a message on my blog.

I need more miles!

Tomorrow, I am going to post my new map and show you how close we are to Canada! Also, I am going to tell you about my adventure so far! Don't forget to help me get to Canada this weekend and post your miles!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 16: A LOT of Riding in the Car...And A LOT of Walking

Hi Friends!

I had a lot of riding in the car today. We were in North Carolina because my mom had to speak. I wish I could count all the miles of driving because that was a lot of driving. I am really excited because I have a lot of people who are helping us walk. I am still counting up all the miles but it almost 100 so far I think. Mom says that isn't a lot. Sounds like a lot.

So, here is my neighborhood in Brooklyn. We are walking to all my classes instead of taking the public transportation. That is a lot of exercise! And it is also good because the subway is smelly.
I don't like the smelly subway very much.

I had my last Mandarin class, so I walked all the way there last week and then Mom and I walked the long way back in a criss cross way so that we could make more miles. She promised me new shoes because I am walking sooooo much. We went to a new restaurant in Park Slope. It is a dumpling restaurant and we picked up a bag of dumpling and then yogurt and walked another mile home! It was a lot walking and mom carried me for the last mile.

I think with all the walking, we could be to Canada by now. I am making a pretty map to show everyone our route to the Great Wall of China. I decided to go through Canada and the North Pole. I can't tell you the rest until tomorrow, because it is top secret...until tomorrow!

Please tell me how many miles you walked!

Happy Hugs,

Day 16: NEWS!!!!

Woo Hoo!
Marca here. Gracie is off to bed, but I am sharing our latest news!

We are only days away from receiving Emma's referral and seeing a picture of her for the first time!

We will share more news soon!

As for me, I have been putting in the walking for Gracie. I chose to walk from the Hudson river to the upper East side rather than take a cab. It was a beautiful walk through the park and I watched as the brilliant green of Central Park turned into a beautiful deep dark green, illuminated by the night lights of the city. It was an incredible sight and one I would have missed had I taken that cab. What a gift it was to savor. Walking more and savoring the journey! I hope you are too! Post your miles here. She is counting them up and will show her progress and her map tomorrow.
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking to China, Day 10

I am walking to China! Well, I am not REALLY walking all the way to China, because that would be a lot of swimming. It is exactly 6,847 miles to the Great Wall of China. Well, it is exactly 6,847 miles to the little part of the wall where I will complete my journey. You see, it 2 months (at least, I think it is 2 months. Mom says it will be close to that) we are traveling to China to get my little sister, Emma. I am so excited, because I have been waiting for 5 years! That is a long time and most of my life, actually.

So, we decided to finish our long journey to China by walking, running, dancing, skipping, swimming and wiggling 6,847 miles before the day we land in China. That is a lot of miles. I wiggle, dance, skip and run a lot, but not that much. I need help! I am calling on all my friends and family to help us walk the nearly 7,000 miles to China. I know we can do it if we get enough help. Do you know why we are doing it? Well, there a lot of reasons. First of all, I am studying geography and by making this trek to China, I am learning about places all along the way. Next, I wanted my own blog and Mom said I could have one if I wrote in complete sentences ALL TIME. That takes a lot of work, by the way. So, this is my first blog. But more importantly, this is a really good way for me and my family to get great exercise and get fit before we head for China. It is also a really good way for our friends and family to get their exercise. And most of all, I can't wait to tell my sister that all my friends and family helped us walk our way to her. I think it will make for a really fun story. Plus, Mom says I can make up great adventurous tales each day. You can come and read about all my adventurous stories here and you can see how many miles we all walked together to get to Emma.

If you want to help me make my journey, here is what you need to do:
1. Make a commitment. That means you need to set a goal and tell me you are going to help and how much you think you can do each week.
2. You become a follower and click on that follower button on the right of this....Do you see it? Keep looking. Your other right. See it?
3. Then, each day, you visit my blog and comment on how many miles you walked today. If you are from Canada (I have a lot of friends from there) you can write it in kilometers because Mom says that is good math practice for me to convert into miles...ughhh). Then, I use my adding skills and add it all up. I will mark it on my map and tell you how we make it each day.

I am really excited. Yesterday, I walked so much my mom had to carry me for the last block. But, that is because I had to wait for an hour for my dumplings and it was after my bedtime. I walked 3.8 miles yesterday!!!!! That is a lot. I know. My feet hurt.

Okay, this time, my mom helped me write this blog entry. I asked her if they all have to be this long. She said no. Whew. I can't type that fast.

Okay, Mom said to make a last call. It is supposed to get everybody inspired. Well, I can't think of anything else to say, except, PLEASE HELP ME WALK, JUMP, DANCE, SKIP, RUN, WIGGLE, SHAKE AND RUN TO CHINA!!!!

(You can leave a comment below if you are going to join us on our journey.)


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