Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 18: Over 200 Miles!

Hi Friends!

We have a lot of miles! We are over 200 miles and heading North toward Canada. I wanted to take a fun and short way to Great Wall of China. That means, we are going on an adventure right through Canada, Greenland and the North Pole and into Russia! It is going to be fun! But, I need a lot more help. We have almost 300 miles. I am a little behind. I wanted to get 500 miles by the weekend. I think I am going to need a lot more help, because I can't walk that many all by myself by tomorrow! Have you walked or ran or jumped or danced miles this week? Can you post a comment here and tell me? I will add them. Mom is making me add all the miles. It is kind of good for my math skills.

Okay, here are all my friends who are helping me walk to China.

Gracie, Mom, & Dad: 100
Melanie: 5.8
Fernanda: 2
Ms. Gallego (Lego my eggo?):10
Jo: 10
Burt & Lina: 96
Grandpa & Nana: 2
Auntie Rose: 10 +
Auntie's Matt:
Brian Metts:

Total So Far: 240 miles. I think. I have to check with Matt 2.

Did I forget you? Please tell me and leave me a message on my blog.

I need more miles!

Tomorrow, I am going to post my new map and show you how close we are to Canada! Also, I am going to tell you about my adventure so far! Don't forget to help me get to Canada this weekend and post your miles!



Gracie said...

Checking comment section. Hoping it works! Proud of you Gracie the Explorer! Keep walking! 4 miles for you alone yesterday! That's a lot for a little explorer!

Tony said...

I jogged 2 miles today, and 3 miles on Sunday, and I gladly donate those miles to the cause. Keep it up! :)

Carrie said...

Gracie - I'm not walking a lot yet since I'm taking it easy with the new baby, but 2 round trips to the ad building on campus is probably at least 1/2 mile. (Any fractions in your math yet?) I'll let you know as we take Claire for more and more walks.

Anonymous said...

matt has biked 20 miles! i have walked 10!

Yomaris said...

Hi Gracie, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about tomorrow (when you get to see a picture of your sister). So, here is what I've done (I'm afraid it might be a bit tedious, but like your mama says, it will be good practice for you).

Last weekend I walked to church, I live on 55th and 10th avenue, I walked up to 59th at Columbus circle-then cut through Central Park and to 87th and park.

I also went running this past Thursday, I went from 56th and 10th to 56th and 12th, down to 34th and back (doesn't this sound like a "word problem?").

Also, this past Sunday, I walked from 56th and 10th to the 70th and 1st avenue, through the park (I volunteered at a senior center and played Bingo for the first time ever!).

I think that's probably good for now. I hope its not too confusing. I'll check in tomorrow to see how things went.

Good bye!

Jo (from church)

mindy said...

i walked 2.5 on monday, and 4 today. such a cool project!!


gallego said...

So far this week we have 12 miles to report.

Beth said...

I walked two miles with my dog Santana this morning. Do doggie miles count?

I know I jogged/walked at least two miles with Tony last week. I'll try to remember what city blocks I walked to and from and get them to you soon!

LarisaB said...

Put me down for 7 miles this week! (June 12-18) — Larisa


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