Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 25: More Pictures of My Sister!!!!


Today, we waited. Again. My mom said that now there was a big package coming and it was going to be really important because it had lots of stuff about baby sister in it. SO, we waited again. I kept watching out the window for the FED EX truck. And then, he finally came...really late I think! School was already out when he got here! But Mom let me and Dad open the package and she took pictures and I got to see new pictures of my sister. Then there was lots of information about her...like how much she eats, sleeps and poops! Also, about what toys she likes. She likes soft things. That is JUST LIKE ME! I love blankets and soft soft things. Then Mom read about her and guess what? She is really shy. Here are pictures of me and Dad opening the letter.

And here are pictures of Mei Mei (that means little sister in Mandarin):

There is a lot of happiness at my house right now!

June 1, 2011: MY BABY SISTER!!!!!!!!!

Today was a big day for me, Mom and Dad and all of my family! We got an email that today we were going to get a phone call and they were going to TELL US who my sister was and give us a picture. All day, my mom was loopy with excitement. I jumped whenever the phone rang but it was not the agency. It would ring and then...nope, not them. I was getting tired of waiting all day. The phone rang and Mom answered and she was really really excited and I knew it was them! And we turned on the video camera and we videoed and we listened and I shrieked, "eeeeeeeekkkk!" (Because that is what I do when I am really really excited. And I was.)

Then, they told Mom and Dad all this information about her and Mom was writing it down and forgetting to write it down too. Oh, and then, they wrote down her name. Mom couldn't pronounce it and that was funny. Well, um Dad couldn't either.

Then, we waited by the computer to see her picture come up in my mom's email box. And then, TADA!!! There she was and I shrieked with happiness again and so here she is! Isn't she cute? I think she is really cute. And she is MY SISTER!!!!!!! FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Chen Yuan Zhi, which means source of a beautiful and rare flower.


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