Monday, July 11, 2011

I Started My REAL Journey to Mei Mei Today!

I have wanted a Barbie my whole life. Okay, maybe not when I was really little but for a long time. And Mom has never let me have one. She doesn't like Barbie. But last night my mom gave me something special. I was shocked! It was a Barbie. But it wasn't a Barbie from Target. It was special from China. Mom says that all Barbies come from China actually, but that this one was special. She is called, "Going Home Barbie" and my mom was given this Barbie when she and Daddy stayed at the hotel in China with me when they adopted me. She is a mommy Barbie and she has a baby in her arms. I LOVE HER!!! And she is special because she was given to mommy when she and I first met. And, you can't get her at Target. That is for sure.

Mommy woke me up really early, before the sun came up, and carried me to the car. The next thing I knew we were at the airport saying goodbye to Gramsy. I wish she could go with us. But someone has to take care of my Lilly and my Buster. And so, I am really excited today! I couldn't sleep on the plane because I was so excited and then I finally fell asleep. .. And it went by really fast! We are in Seattle at my cousin's house and we are leaving tomorrow to go get my baby sister and I am really really really excited. I have waited a long time. And guess what? This is my last Monday without my sister!!!!!!!



gallego said...

I am so excited for you! I will pray that your trip is safe and as fast as possible. I know you can't wait to hug your sister. And don't feel bad about not having any other Barbies. I don't like them either and my daughters don't have any. But the one your mom has given you is so meaningful and special, cherish it!


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